Newly natural? Avoid these 3 hair care myths

When you make the decision to step over to the natural side, you’ll have to face some trial and error before you perfect your hair care regimen. “You’re not going to know what works on your hair until you actually experiment with your own hair and see how it happens,” Annisa LiMara Mitchell, a natural hair and beauty vlogger, told 4c Hair Chick in an interview.

But it’s important to keep an open mind during your hair experimentation phase(s). Don’t get frustrated because your hair doesn’t resemble that YouTube tutorial you watched or Instagram post you saw.

“We kind of get caught up on idolizing other naturals that we see on social media and we forget to look in the mirror,” Mitchell said.

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Which Natural Hair Subscription Box is For You?

You’ve seen Instagram posts from your favorite vloggers sharing their excitement over colorful boxes of natural hair goodies. Conditioners, curl creams, gels, shampoos and more! Or as we at 4CHC like to call them, every product junkie’s little piece of heaven on earth.

Just what are these boxed-shaped bundles of joy? And how can you get your hands on one?

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4c Hair Chick Feature: Artist Ria

If this naturalista could describe her work in three words, they would be: raw, intriguing, and amorous.

Artist Ria – Can't Put Me in a BoxA New York native and happily married mother of two, Artist Ria has commanded the attention of the social media community, fascinating thousands of Instagram followers with the standout style of her drawings and paintings. Most of her pieces are centered on the versatility within the natural hair community.

“I draw a lot of Afro art but I also draw a lot of abstract work. I guess you can call me an ‘everything artist,’” the artist shared in an interview with 4c Hair Chick.

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