Goals for the Week of Jan. 26

Happy last week of January! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Saturday was my wash day, which took THREE HOURS (*rolls eyes*); Sunday I did some housework and played around with my new Pinterest account.

Here’s what I’m planning on getting done this week: 

1. Carve out a posting schedule.Weekly Goals

One of the major things I need to work on – which I mentioned during the inaugural Brown Girl Bloggers Twitter chat – is being more consistent as blogger. I usually post on Sundays and/or Mondays so I have to figure out one or two more days that work best for my schedule and stick to them as closely as possible.

2. Continue reading ‘The Quiet Guides.’

Last week I purchased GG Renee Hill’s e-book series “The Quiet Guides” and I wish I had it in my life much sooner! I have some self-discovery work to do and now I have the perfect resources at my disposal in these books.

3. Work out at least three times.

Consistency is probably going to end up being my word for 2015. I’m trying to make exercise a part of my lifestyle (#LeStruggle) so I have to push through the lazy and drag myself to the gym after work three times this week, and every week moving forward.

What are you up to this week?

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2 thoughts on “Goals for the Week of Jan. 26

  1. Having a set blogging has really helped me be more organized. I can plan out post ahead of time and prepare better. It’s really been helpful. I’ve been struggling getting back in the gym so I started working out at home first this month and trying to go twice a week to the gym .

    • I’m still working on my blogging schedule; I was all over the place this week. I made it to the gym three times though! I’m really going to push myself to make that a habit. Thanks for reading and commenting, Drea!

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